Leyla Makeup Artist

We are very proud to have Leyla Makeup Artist in our high quality business. Our valued customers are very satisfied with her professional work.

Leyla Makeup has a suitable makeup solution ready for all ages and desires

Leyla Makeup Professional works, look and decide!

Yeryerly Cosmetics with their team is very happy to welcome you soon.
Make your apointment soon and reserve your place.
Whatsapp-Call: +41-79-759 58 02

Your radiance and beauty is our goal!

Visit us in our new store in Santo Domingo or simply order your desired product through our store!

Contact information

Yeryerly Cosmetics
Yerleny Nuñez
Roberto Pastoriza #202
Naco, Santo Domingo

Tel. CH: +41-79-759 58 02
Tel. DO: +1-829-797 2042 
EMail: yerleny@yeryerly.com


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